FullDesk is the staffing and recruiting division of Offspring Solutions and represents a proactive and continuous staffing support model which specializes in meeting Information Technology (IT), Health Sciences and Business Operations staffing challenges for our corporation, partners and clients. We specialize in providing technical and management professionals in these specific areas for placement in short and long term arrangements. Through the use of our proprietary model of human resource attraction, assessment, selection and maintenance, we maintain a database of technical and management personnel who are qualified, available and interested in career development and growth opportunities.

We design our services as a relationship with our candidates, partners and clients to meet their staffing needs in an expedited manner. Response speed and candidate selection are the critical key metrics by which we measure our success. Our professional staff is selected, evaluated and compensated based on their success in meeting your needs. We maintain constant contact with hundreds of professional candidates on a weekly basis regarding their projects and career goals and aspirations. These real-time conversations, combined with intense research on the IT, Health Sciences, and Business Operations workforce, enables us to offer a “Readiness Model” that is exceptionally responsive to the needs of our staffing community, candidates and clients alike.


FullDesk offers a service called FullDeskPLUS which commits staffing teams for select IDIQs to provide proactive staffing support by becoming expert on the buying habits and processes of the owners of such IDIQs and functioning in a manner which we refer to as a “virtual prime”. This means each FullDeskPLUS IDIQ Team maintains a level of awareness on their specific IDIQ of focus which is consistent with the level of awareness that the actual primes maintain. This approach allows FullDesk to anticipate emerging task orders and the likely staffing challenges such that we can match our professional candidates with the likely requirements of the emerging business opportunities. Doing this allows us to keep our candidates informed and at the ready. We frequently prep the interested candidate’s resumes and movement packages, including letters of commitment when appropriate to be at the ready when these “rapid fire requirements” come down the pike.