Offspring Solutions is a company compelled to create the culture, methods, and processes that promote and support innovation. This focus enables the ability to scale through meaningful consideration of improved business models, services, products, and management systems. We think agile innovation is paramount to business success and invite serious and thoughtful idea generators and solution providers to join us through our internal and external crowdsourcing and solution-matching mechanism.

What SOIL Does
The SOIL defines the critical elements of problems using a proprietary, framework-driven process called SOLVES. Every project undertaken by SOIL is assigned a chief project manager who is responsible for applying the SOLVES framework to maximize the breadth of our expert resources. Every element of the process is fully validated at each process step by Subject Matter Experts (SME) assigned from our robust pool of functional and technical subject matter experts.

The SOIL SOLVES methodology is a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result. The outputs of the process are better products, better services, new products, and new business models. The premise of the SOLVES methodology is that by consistently engaging in a deliberate model of successfully approaching and solving difficult, multi-dimensional problems – more specifically, effective methods to ideate, select and execute solutions – organizations will be able to innovate in an uncommon manner.

The SOIL vision is clear: to master change by discovering and solving complex problems through the facilitation of collaborative innovative frameworks and a multidisciplinary approach.