health informatics in the cloudBringing technology to the world of Healthcare has been an ongoing topic recently. At Offspring Solutions, we are increasing our involvement in the realm of Health IT and Health Informatics in the cloud. What does “health informatics” mean and how can healthcare organizations leverage the cloud?

Definition of Health Informatics

According to The National Library for Medicine, health informatics is “the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, adoption and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management, and planning.” In other words, health informatics refers to the study and creation of the best methods for improving our healthcare system through information technology. Health informatics is the how and the why behind the technology leveraged to improve our healthcare system for a better tomorrow.

Leveraging the Right Technology for Healthcare

As healthcare organizations are expected to deliver more while spending less, it’s vital that organizations leverage the correct technology. The cloud can be a great way for organizations to minimize costs by purchasing storage or computing power on an as-needed basis. Healthcare organizations are starting to realize this, and are scrambling to modernize their health IT systems. A recent study by MarketsandMarkets shows that cloud computing will grow in healthcare at an annual compounded rate of 20.5 percent through 2017. See our recent blog post for more benefits associated with bringing healthcare-related data into the cloud.

Making Sense of Data associated with Health Informatics

The other large component to health informatics and the cloud is leveraging data science to gain valuable insights into present trends, and the future of healthcare. When electronic medical records (EMRs) are stored in the cloud, it’s very easy to leverage large amounts of computing power to mine this data in an effort to make new discoveries and intelligent decisions. This is a large reason why there has been a large push in Washington to ensure that our health records make their way into digital format as soon as possible. However, it’s important that trained Data Scientists are on hand to make sure that an organization gains the most from their data. Hiring a data scientist is not an easy or inexpensive task. At Offspring Solutions, we make data science a reality for organizations thanks to our access to highly-trained professionals.

Healthcare Data Warehouses in The Cloud

Storing all of this healthcare data in the cloud amounts to an enormous amount of storage space. What is the best option for creating a data warehouse in the cloud? We recently talked about Amazon Web Services’ new Redshift product. With the proper knowledge and tools, Redshift has the potential to revolutionize healthcare information in the cloud. Redshift enables the creation of massive data warehouses in the cloud, at one-tenth of the cost, and at incredible speed. Redshift is highly scalable, and the future of storing massive amounts of data in the cloud, i.e. data associated with health informatics.

With so many regulations associated with healthcare data, it’s important to choose a secure infrastructure. Out of the box, Redshift is optimized for security. One click data analytics are a reality with Amazon’s Redshift Product thanks to easy integrated with common business intelligence software. It is only a matter of time before healthcare software is also easily integrated into the Redshift. As a Standard Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services, Offspring Solutions is prepared to be at the forefront of leveraging Redshift for Health Informatics in the cloud.

Offspring Solutions is committed to the study and usage of Health Informatics to provide organizations with the best tools for advancing healthcare. We have worked with a number of organizations to modernize legacy healthcare systems. Our trained professionals have valuable insight and years of experience in crafting unique solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Give Offspring Solutions a call at (703) 227-7752 to see what we can do to apply our knowledge of Health Informatics to your organization’s future.

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