Data Scientists, the future of ITTech blogs and news outlets around the web have been filled with articles about Big Data over the past few months. You may have even read some of our recent blog posts regarding Big Data here at Offspring Solutions. It’s now time to look beyond the basics of Big Data, and into the future of this paradigm. Organizations are starting to realize that Big Data can be a powerful resource when used correctly. The need to maximize the end results of Big Data has created a high demand for a new specialist: the Data Scientist.

What is a “Data Scientist?”

Tom Davenport says it best in his recent blog post for Deloitte, “Data Scientists are hybrids of data management specialists and quantitative analysts.” These new scientists need the skills required to handle, process, and make sense of Big Data that is growing every day. Advanced IT skills are needed to use the complex software associated with Big Data analytics, and the ability to pull important businesses insights out of Big Data is a must.

Data Scientists are able to think creatively, and make visual interpretations of Big Data to show trends and make predictions. In addition, these scientists are able to add value to Big Data, creating a new data product as the end result: a useful informational product that enhances an organization’s bottom line.

Don’t tools handle our Big Data?

Tools are necessary for mining Big Data and extracting valuable information from within, but these tools require specialized training. Even as the tools available for processing Big Data are improved, it’s still going to take forward-thinking scientists to decide what type of information needs to be extracted from the data. It is very difficult for a tool to simulate human subject matter understanding of an organization’s Big Data.  While tools are helpful, there is no replacing a trained professional with creative thinking abilities and years of wisdom.

Where Can We Find a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists are in high demand right now, and there are very few of these specialists out there. According to a recent study by Mckinsey & Company, the United States needs about 140,000 -190,000 workers with analytical abilities, and 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to look at data, and make important business decisions based on their findings. Those numbers are staggering.

Not many organizations can afford to hire a dedicated Data Scientist. Some might consider re-training existing employees, but it’s tough to find a one stop shop for Data Scientist training at present. In addition, the ability to think outside of the box when it comes to visualizing data and making decisions, can only be taught through real world experience.  This type of “science” is “art”.

Offspring Solutions has trained Big Data experts on staff with the knowledge and experience necessary to gain insight from your data. Our trained professionals work with a number of analytical tools to help our clients make the most out of their data assets. If your organization is in search of Data Scientists, give Offspring Solutions a call at (703) 227-7752 to see what we can do for you.

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