Offspring Solutions is Standard Consulting Partner with AWSOffspring Solutions is among the first firms to achieve public designation as a Standard Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Our partner relationship with Amazon provides Offspring with the technical information and sales support that we need to accelerate our client’s ability to leverage the AWS platform for their business needs” – Offspring CEO, Alex Armour.

As a Standard Consulting Partner, Offspring Solutions has access to a myriad of resources to help clients deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud. Now that Offspring is an Official Standard Consulting Partner with AWS, our clients can rest assured that they not only have us on the side, but Amazon Web Services as well. Other IT firms may offer solutions with AWS, but few are true Consulting Partners.

What can Amazon Web Services do for your company?

Amazon Web Services provides infrastructure and application services that allow companies to run their projects in the cloud in a scalable manner. Running applications or big data projects in the cloud is a cost effective strategy because it is reliable, secure, and eliminates the need for large infrastructure expenses up front. Instead of paying for a set amount of server power all the time, companies who choose AWS can leverage server power only as needed, and pay for the services as needed.

When comparing AWS with other Infrastructure providers, no one else can offer the same price points or scalability of Amazon. With an impressive list of existing clients, Amazon Web Services will always be at the forefront of quick, secure data delivery, and they are always striving to improve their services. Some of the larger AWS clients include Netflix and Pinterest.  Thanks to the impressive scalability of AWS, Pinterest and Netflix are able to handle millions of users a day without ever skipping a beat. Even NASA has chosen to work with AWS for their Mars Rover Project. Read more case studies and Amazon Web Services success stories here.

Better Service, and Better Prices

For companies who want web hosting power that they can count on, we strongly suggest Amazon Web Services. Their low, pay-as-you-go pricing makes it an affordable option at any size. Many enterprise-level companies have saved millions of dollars by switching to AWS, and have improved customer satisfaction by allowing customers to access their data in a timely fashion. When Coldwell Banker switched to AWS, they were able to reduce their website infrastructure costs by 47%. The popular gaming business, Sega, reduced server costs for their websites upwards of 50% when they chose AWS.

Each day Offspring Solutions is helping companies save money and maximize productivity by implementing cloud-based services including Amazon Web Services as Infrastructure (IaaS), Salesforce as a Platform (PaaS), and a large collection of Software (SaaS) options to solve business challenges. Contact Offspring Solutions today at (703) 277-7752 to take your company to the next level by capitalizing on the Everything as a Service economy.

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