Effective project management is not an option for success in today’s business world; it is a key ingredient. Offspring Solutions has a number of individuals on staff who are certified in project management by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Taking that a step further, Offspring Solutions has individuals on staff who are certified in organizational project management under the OPM3® global standard. What is organizational project management and how can it further your business goals?

Organization Project Management, a Comprehensive Approach

Organization project management is the system of improving processes across the board and ensuring that all ongoing projects are in alignment with current business strategy and needs. Today, organization Project management is guided by the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, or OPM3® . OPM3 trains experts to close the gap between strategy, and individual projects, allowing for a company to evolve quickly and efficiently.

OPM3 is the latest edition of a comprehensive project management methodology that has been evolving for decades. The original OPM3 Standard was first published in 2002, after analyzing nearly thirty existing models, and receiving input from over 30,000 practitioners around the world. In the beginning, John Schlichter, the original OPM3 Program director said, “The standard would help organizations to assess and improve their project management capabilities as well as the capabilities through projects (Information Project Management, page 302).” PMI has achieved their goal of creating a model that is meant to serve not just individual projects, but organizational strategy as a whole.

OPM3 teaches takes project management to a new level by integrating strategy with Project, Program, and Portfolio management. Through this multi-faceted approach, Offspring’s experts are better equipped to help companies evaluate which projects are right, how to manage costs, and how to innovate at a greater speed with available resources. By helping your company standardize project work methods, we can lay the foundation for you to reach peak maturity while creating the agility and strength to succeed in your marketspace.

Our trained professionals are some of the first in the nation to become certified professionals in the new OPM3 global standard. Within the Offspring Solutions PM Center of Excellence, we carefully evaluate the project management needs of our clients on a case-by-case basis. By emphasizing Organizational Project Management, our professionals craft solutions that reach far beyond current projects, leaving a lasting impression on the trajectory of a business. In today’s unpredictable market, we are proud to help organizations develop consistency in their processes and results through our PM Center of Excellence.


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