Since 2003, Offspring Solutions has been dedicated to providing consistent, high quality, personalized service to customers and maintaining a knowledgeable and fulfilled workforce. We believe these are essential elements to the long-term success of the company and its customers. We turn periods of uncertainty into advantage by fully deploying a robust risk management program to serve our clients.

Application Modernization

Refactor, Repurpose or Consolidate your legacy software to align it more closely with current business needs and future adaptability. Our application modernization projects create new business value from existing applications.

Infrastructure Modernization

Enterprises must modernize the information infrastructure to harness new information delivery models and meet big data challenges. We enable CIOs, IT leaders and technical professionals to achieve this and enable their organizations to derive maximum value from information.

Business Process Optimization

We provide the core foundation that allows an organization to identify its important business processes, evaluate their performance, establish improvement goals in accordance with its unique business needs, choose the right tools and methods to achieve those goals, and monitor the deployment and effectiveness of the resultant efforts.